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어드밴스 스쿨

The Bible Leader Training Course accredited by Gateway Theological Seminary, You can apply for all lectures by registering for certification (some degree recognition) and general registration.

Spring Semester: March to early June every year (12-15 weeks)

Fall Semester: September to early December every year (12-15 weeks)

Tuition information: Degree course: Registration fee $30, 3 credits $120 (excluding textbook fee) General Enrollment: $50 per class

All lectures start when there are 8 or more students, and registration can be made up to 2 weeks before the start of the class.

Available Courses 
  • Mission introduction (KO)

  • New Testament Survey (EN & KO)

  • Old Testament Survey (EN & KO)

  • Church Administration (EN)

  • Reaching Neighbor - In City Mission (KO)

  • Discipleship (KO)

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