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New Testament Survey (CLS1314) 3 Credit


Understanding twenty-seven books of the New Testament in one semester is a challenging task. Over the years, numerous ways have emerged to ease the difficulty, of which most efforts stressed on studying book by book, genre after genre, or in their chronology and historical background. However, the instructor of the course, Jason Jung, who is also the author of New Testament Survey Renewed, proposes a new way to overcome the challenge. Studying twenty-seven books by eight different authors is a proven method to be effective. Each lesson will encourage students to look at NT books according to their apostolic relations, different callings, and missional contribution to the expansion of the Kingdom of God. The course will not only nourish students with a pure biblical intellect of every New Testament book, but will also encourage students to use the lessons on their Bible studies, Sunday schools, preaching on the pulpit, and missions around the world.




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