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Short Term Mission Team


The main project of Expedition is to mobilize, train, and send Jesus' disciples, especially young men, and ultimately, it aims to connect the church and the local ministries.

In particular, in the process of mobilizing and training young people, we focus on the process of forming and preparing God's united team by acting as a platform rather than a specific church being the center.


We are focusing on collecting young people who are interested in missions, but also young people who are interested but cannot afford to take the initiative due to the circumstances of the church, and send them to the mission field through our own training process.


In addition, if there is a request from churches planning a mission, we will help with the pastors of the short-term diaspora mission project team working together with HC for questions about the mission field selection, education before going on a mission, on the mission field, and after going to a mission.


If you are planning a short-term mission or want to work with the HC short-term mission team, please contact us.

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