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Our Mission

Our mission is to recruit, 

empower and connect followers

of Christ to the Harvest fields

이미지 제공: Markus Spiske
Our Mission
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Our Vision

Helping churches raise missionaries

Helping Christians to live a missionary life 

By connecting the mission field and the church,

In charge of the Lord's Great Commission.

A great imbalance exists between the harvest that must be gathered and the workers that are willing to serve.

Our Strategy

1. Empower Become Christian who is a daily missionary

2. Recruit,  Prepare,  and Train the missionaries

3. Connect missionary with the church.

Church-centered : The subject of the mission is the church purchased with the blood of Jesus. Mission is the church We help all of God's churches - multi-national and multi-ethnic.

Local focus : Establishing local missionaries in cooperation with local churches in the field of ministry dispatch and carrying out the mission.

Bible-centered : Church and missions The beginning of everything is the Bible. Professional Bible training, discipleship Train workers through training.

Next Generation Centered : We are committed to the mission of setting an example and passing on our faith to the next generation. don't be lazy

Strategy      1. Empower      2. Recruit      3. Connect

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