Into the Silk Road and beyond. 100 of the largest unreached people groups lie within this region. 
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ethnic church missionary movement

Harvest Connection would like to inspire, inform, and equip the evangelical churches for world mission.  We have experience in the Caucasus region and from 2020, we would like to continue serving in the Silk Road region and beyond.  


We utilize "Mission Conference" or "Mission Forum" or "Mission Seminar" to communicate with the local pastors and leaderships. And then follow it up with the pastor encouraging and nominating the potential candidates.  We trained and mentored them and have them be sent out by the local church.  Our role is to inspire, equip and connect the churches with the harvest fields.


If you want to get involve in this process, please let us know.   

ethnic church mission funds

Since 2016 there have been "International Christmas Concert", ethnic churches around MD, VA, DC came together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Our last concert in 2019, our ethnic churches have decided to focus on "Mission" and we selected "Nepal" as the focus of 2020.  


We hope the senior pastors/leaders of the ethnic churches would make the vision trip (preaching & teaching) together so that we would encourage for the local and global mission.


In 2020, we hope to mobilize 5 Nepali believers and help them to accomplish a part of God's plan for Nepali churches for world mission. 


If you and your church would like to contribute towards this funds, please write a check payable to Harvest Connection (on memo ECMF) and send it to the following address:


Harvest Connection 

P.O. Box 182

Hanover, MD 21076